Osprey is exhibiting at the Energy Tech Showcase - Rock Bottom, Denver May 7

Discover the latest news about Osprey, and insights into AI, computer vision, the Industrial IoT and more. Learn how today’s industrial companies are driving operational improvements through technology adoption.

If you’re heading there make sure you stop by for a chat. More info about Denver Energy Tech Showcase here: http://energytechshowcase.com.

Osprey Informatics will present and demo Osprey Reach, which is an enterprise visual monitoring solution for exception-based management of field operations, assets, and facilities. Osprey Reach utilizes computer vision (AI) & machine learning as well as input from other sensors and systems to distribute personalized, actionable insights to stakeholders across an enterprise.

About Osprey Informatics

Osprey’s intelligent visual monitoring platform, Osprey Reach, empowers oil and gas companies to reduce operational costs, while mitigating environmental and safety risks. Osprey Reach cost-effectively manages cameras at scale, analyzes visual data with computer vision (AI) and input from other sensors and systems, and distributes personalized, actionable insights to users across the enterprise. Customers are able to increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve HSE compliance with automated leak detection and safety monitoring, and strengthen security and accountability through proactive activity detection and alerting at remote sites.

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