Osprey Informatics secures $2.25M for enterprise computer vision platform

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Company to accelerate international growth in energy sector and other markets

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Osprey Informatics (“Osprey”) today announced that it has raised $2.25M in seed funding from private investors. The company will use the funds to fuel the growing demand for Osprey Reach - the enterprise computer vision platform built for industrial operations.

The company is revolutionizing the use of video and images for industrial operations. Osprey Reach analyzes imagery from any source, including fixed cameras and smartphones, along with relevant data from other connected sensors and devices to provide unprecedented insight to stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Customers are able to respond quickly to potential problems, deploy resources more effectively and ultimately manage operations more efficiently.

Initially targeting the energy sector, Osprey’s customers include major oil and gas producers and pipeline companies.

“We see tremendous potential in the use video and imagery to improve the management of industrial operations,” said Michael von Hauff, Co-founder and CEO of Osprey. “The challenge has been making that massive amount of rich data useful to individuals and organizations. This is the problem we are solving with Osprey Reach. This latest round of funding will allow us to accelerate the development of our platform and to build on our strong momentum with customers and strategic partners.”

Osprey is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. For more information, visit https://ospreyinformatics.com.






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