Osprey Informatics launches new rapid deployment and portable cloud-connected camera for industrial operations

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The new Osprey Edge camera connects with the company’s existing visual monitoring platform

Calgary, AB, Canada – December 9, 2015 Osprey Informatics (“Osprey”) today announced the immediate availability of Osprey Edge, a portable, low-power and economical camera that connects seamlessly to Osprey Reach, the company’s cloud-based visual monitoring platform for industrial operations.

Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, Osprey Edge is designed for rapid deployment, without the need for professional installation services. To activate, the customer simply powers the camera on and it connects automatically with Osprey Reach over the cellular network, providing authorized personnel with immediate online access to photos from the camera, along with activity-based alerts and reports. The camera’s small form factor and ability to run on standard AA batteries means it can be easily moved to any location as a customer’s needs change.

During extensive field trials with an existing Osprey customer, Osprey Edge together with Osprey Reach proved to be an effective and reliable solution for remote visual inspections of well sites. It allowed operators to reduce the frequency of site visits and prioritize work activity, leading to significant productivity gains. This solution was also successfully deployed to detect and capture vehicle activity, using the camera’s passive infrared motion detection combined with visual alerts sent via Osprey Reach.

“From our work with more than thirty oil and gas customers, we recognized the need for a portable, low-cost camera that works alongside our Osprey Reach visual monitoring system,” said Michael von Hauff, Osprey’s CEO. “With Osprey Edge, we can now offer our customers the ability to remotely monitor any part of their operations, including fixed assets, equipment, temporary work sites, and roadways, where traditional surveillance cameras may not be practical or economical.”

In addition to Osprey Edge, the company also connects thermal and HD video cameras to Osprey Reach, providing customers with a wide range of capabilities. Customers use Osprey Reach to remotely inspect sites, detect and respond to environmental incidents, strengthen security, and ultimately operate more efficiently.



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Osprey Informatics provides intelligent visual monitoring for industrial operations. The company’s cloud-based platform, Osprey Reach, provides efficient online access to images and video from any number of sites, over any computer or mobile device. It also detects important operational events, analyzes related imagery and data from other sensors and systems, and delivers relevant and actionable visual reports and alerts to the right people at the right time. Leading oil and gas companies rely on Osprey Reach for remote site inspections and activity monitoring, delivering measurable cost savings and productivity improvements (www.ospreyinformatics.com).

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