Osprey Informatics launches powerful new alerts: Personalized event notifications powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Calgary, AB, Canada – Sep 21, 2017 Osprey Informatics (“Osprey”) today announced the availability of new activity alerts, an important new capability for the Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform. These alerts leverage Osprey’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to analyze images and video to detect objects or activities of interest to industrial customers. By incorporating this powerful analytic layer, customers can receive personalized alerts for specific activities, such as vehicles or people entering a hazardous area or an unstaffed site at night.

The ability for industrial companies to monitor activity especially at remote sites is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to safely manage more assets with fewer people. Traditional video surveillance solutions using video analytics generate numerous false alerts in outdoor environments, with alerts triggered by animals, weather, or even shadows. When too many false alerts are sent, users tend to ignore all alerts, and may miss valid ones which can negatively impact safety, productivity and security.

By leveraging its machine learning expertise, proprietary software tools, and real-world industrial imagery dataset, Osprey sources, trains and optimizes the best computer vision algorithms to accurately detect objects or activities from images or video, and deploys these algorithms via its Osprey Reach platform. With these new alerts, Osprey Reach analyzes the alerts triggered by in-camera video analytics and verifies the presence of the object or activity of interest with computer vision before sending that alert. This innovative approach greatly reduces false alerts. As a result, customers can trust that Osprey’s alert will be accurate and actionable.

“This represents one example of how we are leveraging ground-breaking artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies from around the world to solve real customer problems cost-effectively,” said Rob Logan, Osprey’s Chief Executive Officer. “The Osprey Reach platform will continue to roll out powerful computer vision-based solutions for increasingly complex operational management challenges.”



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