Osprey Informatics featured in Hart Energy’s E&P magazine, August 2019 issue

Discover the latest news about Osprey, and insights into AI, computer vision, the Industrial IoT and more. Learn how today’s industrial companies are driving operational improvements through technology adoption.

Companies like Osprey Informatics are delivering intelligent visual monitoring solutions to the oil and gas industry. The Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform captures video from any number of cameras across a company’s operations.

The concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has long been touted as the key to making oil and gas operations more efficient, safe and environmentally sound, with increased productivity and labor cost savings.

The IIoT basically involves sensing, communications and analytics capabilities, where data are captured by sensors, transmitted over a network and analyzed by computers, typically in the cloud. Information is then sent to end users to make faster, more informed operational decisions.

One technology that can help unlock the value of IIoT deployments is intelligent visual monitoring, where video streams are captured from internet-connected cameras and automatically analyzed by video analytics to look for anomalies, such as leaks or suspicious activity.

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