Osprey Informatics announces availability of Osprey Cloud Bridge - delivering advanced capabilities for cloud-based visual monitoring

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CALGARY, ALTA., April 14, 2015/ – Osprey Informatics (“Osprey”) today announced the immediate availability of the Osprey Cloud Bridge, part of the Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform. The Osprey Cloud Bridge is a managed device that connects IP cameras from customer sites to Osprey’s cloud platform. The Cloud Bridge makes deploying new cameras or connecting existing cameras simple and fast, while providing additional local storage and data protection. The device also enables live video streaming over a local network and delivers significant IT security benefits.

“The Osprey Cloud Bridge is an important step forward in cloud-based visual monitoring,” said Michael von Hauff, Osprey’s CEO. “It provides our customers with new capabilities while making Osprey Reach even easier to scale and support at an enterprise-level.”

Product features and capabilities include:

  • Rapid deployment and remote management: The Cloud Bridge automatically syncs with all existing or new cameras on the same network, while enabling remote camera configuration and support.
  • Local video streaming: Osprey’s customers can now monitor live camera feeds over a local network by connecting the Cloud Bridge either directly to a local display monitor or via Wi-Fi to any device. Users can also stream archived video from the Cloud Bridge. This local streaming capability supplements existing remote access via any computer or mobile device.
  • Enhanced security: The Cloud Bridge secures all data sent from connected cameras via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection established between the Cloud Bridge and the Osprey Reach cloud service, which also protects the cameras from the public network.
  • Data redundancy and storage: Video and images are stored locally on the Cloud Bridge, providing redundancy in the event a camera is damaged or stolen. It also provides additional local storage capacity, allowing users to pull several months of archived video or images remotely, on demand.


Osprey will be exhibiting at ISC West, the largest security industry trade show in North America, from April 15-17, 2015. The Osprey team will be at booth 29101 to discuss the Osprey Cloud Bridge and provide a demo of the Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform.




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Osprey Informatics provides intelligent visual monitoring for industrial operations. The company’s cloud-based platform, Osprey Reach, detects important operational events, analyzes related imagery, video and data from other sensors and systems, and delivers relevant and actionable visual reports and alerts to the right people at the right time. Leading oil and gas companies rely on Osprey Reach for enhanced operational efficiency, security and safety (www.opsreyinformatics.com).

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