Osprey featured in Canadian Business Magazine: "Always on duty-Wireless devices transform the oil and gas industry."

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Excerpt from article in Canadian Business Magazine, June 2014:

Osprey Informatics, a Calgary-based firm, is deploying a visual monitoring system that pulls together video surveillance feeds from remote sites, no matter how many of them there are or how far apart they are, and runs image-recognition analytics on them. These analytics suss out abnormalities that might be a safety concern, and patterns that might be of economic value, or tracking the sites that have a lot of contractor visits.

Significantly, Osprey’s cameras connect to the Internet directly through cellular networks, and don’t need to be integrated with the client’s IT systems at all, combining the benefits of the M2M and software-as-a-service models. “Oil and gas companies aren’t interested in becoming experts in operating cameras. We provide the full service,” says Michael von Hauff, Osprey’s CEO.

Site challenges such as extreme temperatures and isolation may be the greater challenges the oil and gas industry faces, but adopting new tech isn’t one of them. “People repeat this idea that oil and gas companies are slow to adopt technologies,” say von Hauff. “It’s really just not true. They’re going to adopt technologies that hit pain points.”

Read the full article here: www.canadianbusiness.com/insights/m2m-devices-oil-and-gas/

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