Osprey Featured as Cover Story in August 2014 Roughneck Buy & Sell Magazine

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From Roughneck Buy and Sell Magazine, August 2014:

Osprey Informatics releases intelligent visual monitoring product called IDENTIFY 

Osprey Informatics, out of Calgary, Alta., has released their latest visual monitoring product that can aide oil and gas companies throughout Western Canada: Osprey Identify. Osprey's products are built specifically for oil and gas operations. Identify provides companies with the ability to recognize, detect and visually monitor personnel at field sites. Identify is part of Osprey's Reach cloud-based platform.

"Identify is an expansion of Reach," said Michael von Hauff, CEO of Osprey. "It's a product that fits on top of the Reach platform and provides further ways to identify people at location while they go about their authorized activities," he added.

Osprey provides the oil and gas company with software licensing for people who carry an iPhone, Androids, tablets and computers. It is a product that is managed, internally, and can't be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play. "Identify focuses on three vital challenges in managing a field site - operational efficiency, security and safety - to the next level," Mr. von Hauff said, via telephone. "We devised a solution that, in terms of cost, doesn't cause those three pillars to butt heads. Often, if you take on the safety program, it may add to operational costs, and if you're trying to reduce operational costs, you can't do that," Mr. von Hauff explained. Identify and Reach is able to solve those problems, at the same time.

Having virtual access, at remote locations, is what's most important for Osprey's clients. Penn West, Newalta, Tourmaline and Apache are a few of the clientele working with Osprey."We have a pretty close relationship with all our clients," Mr. von Hauff said. "Every client is important and has different operational fields and costs. We discuss lots of challenges they have. "If a contractor comes to site, Reach can collaborate with Identify to publish reports and provide assistance in reports on when people are coming and going from site. With our system, if someone doesn't have authentication, it's obvious that they're not supposed to be there. Where there isn't virtual security, that's where we come in," Mr. von Hauff added.

Mr. von Hauff believes this is a road other companies will venture down, in the future. Osprey also mulled over the idea of developing a traditional swipe card, but with their own spin and design, but found faults in swipe cards that perturbed the company. "You can't trade swipe cards, for example," von Hauff said. "If somebody loses their certifications, their swipe cards still work. With Identify, when people access the site, we have a picture of their face. You aren't able to hide under our format.

Mr. von Hauff believes that there's a lot of potential for Osprey's innovative methods to gain traction, now, and in the future.

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