"Managing security threats in oil and gas": Osprey Informatics featured in A&S Magazine

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Osprey's COO, Jeremy Bernard, was interviewed for a feature in A&S Magazine, a leading international security technology magazine.

Excerpted from A&S Magazine, September 2017:

Ensuring Security and Safety

While the debate on whether or not oil prices will ever reach $100 a barrel again continues, the need for security is certain. Ensuring the best security and safety plan requires more than just the latest equipment and newest upgrades, but also remembering best practices.

“We have found that just building and deploying a visual solution is not sufficient to ensure success. We focus on delivering a change management process that includes training, ongoing support, user analytics and periodic application ‘check-ins’ generally results in a higher level of engagement and a more successful deployment. This change management process also creates a stronger long-term relationship with the customer,” Bernard said.

By following best practices, O&G facilities can make certain their security and safety solutions are not only up to current challenges but able to adapt to any challenges that may come their way in the future.

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