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Press Release

Osperity has entered a partnership with Manifest Marketing Ltd, Hong Kong

Calgary, Canada and Hong Kong, China. July 14, 2021

Osperity has entered a partnership with Manifest Marketing Ltd., a security and critical industrial solutions provider based in Hong Kong.

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Press Release

Press Release: Osperity has entered a partnership with Viper Imaging

Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas. May 20, 2021

Osperity has entered a partnership with Viper Imaging, a market leader in optical gas imaging, to deliver fugitive emission detection, reporting

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Media Coverage oil and gas Visual monitoring

Osperity featured in the Bakken oil Report, spring 2021

Oil & Gas companies increase productivity, efficiency, safety, and environmental awareness through Intelligent AI-Driven visual monitoring with exception-based alerting

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Operational Efficiency Visual monitoring Construction

Exception-Based Alerting for Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Exception-based alerting and automated inspection reports help construction companies become more safe, efficient and profitable.


Osperity is the most advanced cloud-based intelligent visual

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News Operational Efficiency

Add intelligence to your existing industrial cameras - Benefit from management by exception

Connecting your legacy industrial cameras to Osperity’s Intelligent Visual Monitoring Platform is a very cost effective way to benefit from exception-based video analytics

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Scott Crist CEO of Osperity interviewed in James West Podcast Series

PODCAST! (16m) Want To Lower Costs & Carbon + Improve Protection & HSE? Meet Osperity!

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Dear Clients and Colleagues in the Energy Industry

The impact of COVID-19 becoming a pandemic has far reaching implications that have significantly disrupted our daily personal and work lives.  On behalf of all the personnel at Osperity, we hope

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Insight Oil & Gas Video Analytics

Video Analytics and Intelligent Visual Monitoring a Cost-Effective and Powerful Tool for Remote Oil and Gas Assets

The concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has long been touted as the key to making oil and gas operations more efficient, safe and environmentally sound, with increased productivity

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Osperity Platform
oil and gas innovation AI

Oil and gas companies investing in AI driven remote visual monitoring with exception-based alerting

A major shift is taking place in the oil and gas industry. Whereas it was hard to avoid the impression that Oil and Gas companies only adopted new technologies as a last resort in the past—or only

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Osperity BLUE
Press Release

Osprey Informatics changes name to Osperity

Name better reflects the Company’s technology uniqueness for intelligent visual monitoring and analytics.

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